Marilyn Califf


“Art is the expression of the soul.”

-Marilyn Califf

An Artist’s Life

Marilyn began her career as an artist in the 8th grade, when she won a fire prevention contest with an original poster. At that time she knew that she was an artist and spent the next school years sharpening her expressive skills. She wrote and acted in school theater and  musical reviews as she honed her art.  But Marilyn is the type of person who wants it all, so she married and gave birth to two children and then jumped back into the life of an artist.

As a young wife and mother, Marilyn enrolled in local Memphis adult education art courses. Her instructors first expressed surprised that Marilyn wasn’t already a professional, and then encouraged her to apply at the Memphis College of Art.



Shows, Collections & Invitations

Marilyn’s art has been on display in numerous exhibitions in Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri and California. Her work hangs in many private and public collections. She has been included in  Who’s of American Women  since 1975.  She has had 17 one-woman exhibitions and been invited to show in 15 group exhibitions.


Oil, Watercolor, Photography & Assemblages

Marilyn works in pastels, watercolors, acrylic, prints and collage. Many of her works are humorous, surreal, or unexpected. She presents an altered world, part of which you recognize, and part which is totally questionable. Cloth Collages, as in Stained Fabric with Macramé shows another side of Marilyn’s expressionistic personality where found objects and unprimed canvas are used to convey her ideas.


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